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Accidents out of control in India

Accidents out of control in India

If anybody has had any doubts about the above statement then the last three major accidents recorded on Indian soil would have put an end to each and everyone’s doubts about this matter forever.

The series of major accidents started with the Air India express Flight 812 from Dubai to Mangalore which overran the run away on 22nd May 2010 while landing. One hundred and fifty eight passengers lost their lives. It is the second major recorded Indian aviation accident in the history of Indian aviation.

On the 28th May the derailment of Jnaneswari express happened in West Bengal. The goods train which came in from the opposite direction crashed into the derailed Jnaneswari express. Ninety eight deaths have been reported so far. There are many more injured still being rescued actively even now.

Nobody clearly knows what caused the Jnaneswari express so far. There are many valuable lives lost already while the authorities are trying to investigate the cause of derailment in the first place.

On the 30th May 2010 a bus bound for Bangalore hit a barricade and its diesel tank ignited when the bus overturned near Chitradurga district of Karnataka. At least 30 people died in this accident mainly due to burns

These three accidents which happened within a spate of 10 days expose the grim reality of death binding travel in India. Even if you take all the precautions and travel within the set regulated limits your life can still be at risk due to negligence on someone else’s part.

The Indian authorities will need to have a very serious and closer look at remedying the travel regulations immediately if they want anyone in India to even consider the prospect of travel in near future.




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