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Dulha Mil Gaya Hindi Movie 2010

Dulha Mil Gaya Hindi Movie 2010



Shahrukh Khan was set to make a 60 minute appearance in the film. He filmed about 17 scenes and three songs, and among the three, one is his entry sequence. Khan enters the film in the second half, but has a very powerful role. He was a part of the publicity but only within the parameters of his role. The film was not marketed as a Shahrukh Khan film.

Sushmita plays the role of a successful supermodel called Shimmer in this movie.


About half of the movie was shot in Amritsar and Mumbai. The other half was filmed in Trinidad and Tobago over a month and a half period in 2007, making it the first Bollywood film to be shot in the islands. Production was delayed a year and a half while Shahrukh Khan found time to shoot his scenes. Production was further delayed when Khan injured his shoulder during an action scene.


Actor/Actress Role
Fardeen Khan Tej Dhanraj/Donsai
Sushmita Sen Shimmer
Ishita Sharma Samarpreet Kapoor a.k.a Samara Capore
Shahrukh Khan Pawan Raj Gandhi, PRG
Johnny Lever Hussain Bhai
Tara Sharma Tanvi
Mohit Chadda Jigar
Anushka Manchanda Punjabi Girl



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