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Exclusive interview with Deepika Padukone for RadioTeenTaal

Exclusive interview with Deepika Padukone for RadioTeenTaal

Arushi – Hi Deepika

Deepika Padukone – Hi Arushi, How are you?

Arushi – Fantastic! Such a pleasure to speak to you

Deepika Padukone – Same here

Arushi – I would like to say Namaste, Hello and Bonjour

Firstly, we would like to tell you, you have it what it takes to be star

We loved you in your first Hindi film Om shanti Om and we are still loving you.

Deepika Padukone – Thank you so much, it is a wonderful introduction and I think it’s my first radio interview in France

Arushi – Ahhhh and we are lucky to have you on board. I would like to say something in French “vous etes trés trés jolie”. You are absolutely stunning

Deepika Padukone – Thank you, merci beaucoup

Arushi – Trés bien, our  first question, as you started your career with Sharukh Khan in your movie “Om Shanti Om”, your first Hindi film, do you think that kind of helped you to kick start your career?

Deepika Padukone – Sure, in lot of ways, it was a wonderful debut film for any heroine and to be cast opposite Sharukh and especially the way Farah Khan projected me in that film It is definitely one of the most wonderful debut any heroine has ever got or could have asked for

Arushi – Alright, that is interesting to know

We would also like to know about your role in your new film “Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani”

You are looking absolutely stunning, kisne aapko style kiya hai because we live in Paris and we would like to know about your style quotient, who brought the whole look on sets for you?

Deepika Padukone – Sure, In “Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani” I have been styled by Manish Malhotra, he did my first film as well “Om Shanti Om” and any other film that you have been seeing me, Anaita Shroff Adjania has been styling me, she has done “Race”, “Cocktail”, she has done “Love Aaj Kal”. These are the people responsible for the way I look

Arushi – These are the famous people in India, who kind of style all the Bollywood stars, I think you are looking stunning and they are absolutely doing a fantastic job

Can you tell us more about your character in “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”, is it the bubbly Deepika fallen in love with someone, how does it go?

Deepika Padukone – The film primarily is a love story but it also talks about friendship, relationship with your family, it gives out a message to have those special important people in your life or with whom you can share your life with.  As far as my character is concerned, I play ‘Naina Talwar’, she is very studious sort of girl, focused on her academics. She is studying to become a doctor but she is also very bored of her life, she wants to do something different and something exciting in her life. So she decides to go on this trek with a group of completely unknown people and how they become friends, and how they come into her life, how they influence her life, how they influence each others life and there journey from there on.

Arushi – We look forward to your screening that’s the first time your film will be premiered in France

I am really looking forward to watching you here, another question – you did an amazing job in “Cocktail” the whole modern woman look, we want to know what is it like to be a modern woman in India at this point and what is your view on it?

Deepika Padukone – Thank you so much, this country has given me a lot and I think I can speak on behalf of everybody else as well. It’s a country that is forward in a lot of ways but at the same time keeps us grounded and rooted because of the culture, heritage and the values. That is what makes us Indians stand out as compared to any country in the world when it comes to our culture and traditions

Arushi – We know you lead a very disciplined lifestyle, you don’t party much, or smoke. Just before you mentioned, these traditions and values – do you think that is what helps you to be disciplined and focused in your career?

Deepika Padukone – Of course, a large part has to do with that but I am also part of a profession where you need that discipline. At the end of the day, it is a visual medium where you do need to look your best at all times and most importantly, the industry I am in – Film industry is not as glamorous as it looks. It is a lot of hard work, it involves at lot of sacrifice and when I say sacrifice, this what I mean – sacrificing late nights, parties and family time and so it’s a combination of those things.

Arushi – wow! Very impressive, when are you coming to Paris to see us?

Deepika Padukone – Soon! I hope. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. I, In fact come there very often because I am associated with ‘Tissot – the watch brand’ and I was there recently for a photo-shoot and if you go to any Tissot stores, you will see my pictures over there. I love Paris and hopefully come there soon for a family holiday

Arushi – Ok then we will interview you in person J

Deepika Padukone – Sure

Arushi – Could you please say, this is Deepika Padukone and your listening to Radio Teentaal

Deepika Padukone – Hi this is Deepika Padukone and you are listening to Radio Teentaal – the only Indian radio channel in France

Arushi – On behalf of all the listeners of Radio Teentaal, Deepika I would like to thank you for your time. It was a pleasure talking to you. To all the listeners tuned in to Radio Teentall, this is Arushi Bajaj signing off.

Special thanks to Aanna films and Agilane!


Listen to the interview of Deepika Padukone on RadioTeenTaal


Arushi Bajaj our correspondent for today all set to speak to the superstar - deepika padukone

Arushi Bajaj our correspondent for today all set to speak to the superstar – deepika padukone



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