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Kabir Khan

After a pin drop silence, there was a thunderous applause that followed for the film as Kabir Khan revealed some striking statistics about 1200 odd detentions that happened in the USA post the 9/11 tragedy. With the packed auditorium giving the film a standing occasion, it was a rare feat accomplished by ‘New York’ that has suddenly helped John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Katrina Kaif gain access to the ‘actor’ tag!

In this regard, Kabir Khan can take a bow because he has done exceedingly well in making a film that is not frivolous, has a message and still carries enough commercial ingredients to reach out to masses as well as classes. He gives ‘New York’ the treatment of a gripping dramatic thriller that has all the trappings to finally end the draught that Bollywood has been facing for an entire year so far.

Time and again one sees that promos showcase the best of the scenes from the film and though they may be all striking and manage to create a high impact, the actual movie may lack the similar punch. Thankfully, in case of ‘New York’ this is not really the case as the film goes beyond the promos.

John Abraham can finally do away with his trunks and ignore coming out of the sea and show his body beautiful for next few years. The acting potential in him has finally been tapped by a film maker; as evidenced by the career best performance that he has delivered.

Neil Nitin Mukesh has the most complex role of the three and without revealing much about his part, it can be comfortably said that all the flak that he got post the release of ‘Aa Dekhen Zara’ would be forgotten once audiences see him in this author backed role.

Katrina Kaif too suits the role to the T as she showcases her true potential, especially towards the concluding reels of ‘New York’. Film makers would finally be looking beyond her beauty in the projects that she signs from here.

With the kind of subject that ‘New York’ has, it could have easily become a sermonising or a pseudo exercise in motion. Thankfully, ‘New York’ reaches out to the masses while also ensuring itself quite a few awards when the best of the best are announced at the end of the year



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