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Kites Hindi Movie 2010

Kites Hindi Movie 2010


  • Hrithik Roshan as Jai. Orphaned in childhood, he’s learned to live by his wits and his charming good looks. He loves the good life and is not afraid to make a shady deal to make a few dollars. He is a Salsa teacher who makes just one wrong move: he falls in love.
  • Barbara Mori as Natasha, a beautiful but illegal immigrant who is in constant fear of discovery and deportation. She is desperate to make her fortune in the U.S.A. any way possible, including getting married to a rich man. When she meets Jai, she throws all these cautions to the wind.
  • Kangana Ranaut as Gina, a spoiled, rich girl used to always getting what she wants and what she wants now is Jai, her salsa teacher – as her husband.
  • Kabir Bedi as Bob, a powerful and wealthy casino owner.


To help the promote the film, mini “music videos” have been released online. Each video is about 1 minute in length and feature a song from the soundtrack, while the video itself contains different scenes from the film. Provogue, a leading clothing brand that features Hrithik RoshanMaldives featuring Hrithik Roshan & Barbara Mori.



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