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MJ was secretly recording a new album: Deepak Chopra

MJ was secretly recording a new album: Deepak Chopra

“He was talking about this new song that he had done. He had shared that with me. I think I’m the only person who has the music right now… he was thinking really big,” said Chopra.

“He arranged a very elaborate way of getting these tapes to me, these CDs, with three bodyguards and a limousine with shaded windows. You would think he was transferring the secrets of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to me. It took me a long time to open the package because it was covered in layer after layer after layer of plastic and cloth. He was very insecure about people knowing what he was up to in his music or his life because he had been hurt by the world,” he added.

Chopra further informed that Jackson was enthusiastic about his planned comeback concerts in London, but conceded that he feared the singer wasn’t fit enough for the gruelling residency.

“He was practising, he was fasting, yet he wasn’t physically in the position to do this,” said Chopra.



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