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Speedy Singhs Hindi Movie 2011

Speedy Singhs Hindi Movie 2011

RAJVEER SINGH is twenty- one-year-old young man dreaming of a professional hockey career. We open with him dreaming of scoring a game-winning goal, followed by a moment of bliss as beautiful girls surround him. Rajveer has the talent to succeed but faces many hurdlers. Being of an ethnic minority Rajveer struggles to succeed in a traditional white-man’s sport. He is conflicted as his father wishes that he give up his quest of pursuing a hockey career and devote his life to his religion and family business.

Raised a traditional Sikh, Rajveer was forbidden as a boy to cut his hair and had to wear a turban.  Wearing a turban prohibited him from participating in hockey. In his early teens when he refused to follow his family’s religious traditions and beliefs.  He removed his turban and cut his hair to become more accepted in his adoptive country. Tensions heighten between Rajveer and his religiously devout father over the path he chooses.

Rajveer has been obsessed with hockey since his childhood. He demonstrates a natural talent for the game and continues to improve. As time runs out, he takes matters into his own hands and creates an all-Sikh hockey team.  These young men begin their journey of ethnic conformity and social acceptance.

SPEEDY SINGHS is about a young man’s journey to find himself in a new adoptive land. SPEEDY SINGHS is a fun, action-filled sports comedy bringing a dash of Bollywood entertainment to Canada’s favourite sport.


Vinay Virmani

Akshay Kumar

Anupam Kher

Camilla Belle

Gurpreet Guggi

Sakina Jaffrey

Rob Lowe

RELEASED DATE : 23rd Sep 2011




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