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Chennai Express – Competition “Write your own CE review”

Posted on Aug 25, 2013 in Hindi Movie 2013, News

The only thing you have to do: After watching Chennai Express write your own review of the movie and post it here in the Asianoutlook forum. Your review has to have a minimum of TEN (10) lines (but of course you can write as much as you want ) To give as many as possible international members the chance to participate the competition will be open for entries starting on the Release(preview) date 8th August until Saturday, 31th August. After the closing date we’ll read all posted member’s reviews carefully and the decision and announcement about the winners will be made within a few days. Wishing you all a lot of fun watching CHENNAI EXPRESS and best of luck for the competition. We are looking forward to your reviews. We got CHENNAI EXPRESS signed posters, soundtrack CD’s and video...

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