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The indian community gathered round the petanque


The petanque is considered as a  sport and  very praticed in France by the amateur as much as professional’s players. Derived from several games of bowls as old as ancient Egypt, the petanque has been invented in 1907 by Jules Hugues in the south of France. The world success of the petanque is due mainly to the simplicity of its rules. Indeed, two teams made up from one to three players have should launch their metal bowls as close as possible to a smaller ball made of wood called “but” or “cochonnet”. The game can be practiced on all types of grounds, from the ground of countryside to the sand of the beach. A match hold thirteen points, a team launches her bowls as long as it has some, and until it places one of its balls closer to the “But” than those of the opposing team. At this moment the lead change. When all the bowls are already launched on the ground, the team whose one of the bowls is the closest to the “But” win the point; it can accumulate one more point for each other balls placed better than the best of the adversary’s bowls.


After the opening ceremony and the registration of the teams, the match began on saturday and finished on monday evening in a festive atmosphere. The teams of three players (called triplette) assured the show in front of a focused public witch was numerous. Everyday at 2 pm a succulent meal was proposed, the time to discuss of the contest for the challengers and to evoke the life for the others. But when the tournament starts again, the silence is respected and only the applauses burst when a move is beautiful.


Monday june 1st, last day of  the event. The final of the “Trophée excellence” started at 7 pm bringing together the team of Bhay and the team of Katka ; each one coming from Madagascar. The game was fascinating because the players are really experienced. It’s finally Bhay, Moudjaid and Chaik Decauto who won the trophee with 13 to 5.

The final of the “Trophée honneur” took place the same day and Achik, Danil Kadaya et Jaffa Tamatave won it in front of the Naïme Vally’s team (who is also Radio TeenTaal’s webmaster). The score was 12-13, a game where nobody could announced the winner until the last minute. The public gathered around the ground couldn’t hided his excitment during the match.


The tournament has been marked by the presence of Pankaj Udhas the famous Ghazal singer from India. After his concert in Amsterdam, the famous artist wanted to be in Bagneux for the final of petanque and greeting his Gujratis fellows. An honnor witch added significance to the event.

During these three sunny days, the happiness and the generosity has been omnipresent and in spite of the growing pressure of the competition, the respect between the challengers was obvious.


Paul Gevin.



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